Image contains a photo of a man laying on the floor with their head against the head of a dog who is also laying on the floor.


Dublin, Ireland

Ryan looked after our elderly blind red setter and our house really well, from 24th August till 11th Sept 2016. We arrived home to a relaxed happy dog and a clean and tidy house. He was an ideal sitter for us, easy to get in touch with before, during, and after the sit. We needed someone with experience of looking after a dog with additional needs and who was happy to spend a lot of quiet time with him. And that is what we got in Ryan! We were able to enjoy our holiday away without having to worry about Bru at all. We would highly recommend Ryan as a pet sitter.


  • Photo contains a cat sitting on a bed, and it was taken by a cat sitter in Toronto named Ryan Patey.


    Toronto, Canada

    Ryan and Rachel are simply the best. Our nervous girl was having a bladder flareup, and they were able to administer the meds without upsetting her. She was in good spirits and great form when we returned. Highly recommend!

  • Image contains a photo of cat sitter, Ryan Patey, with a cat sitting on his shoulder.


    Toronto, Canada

    Ryan and his partner were wonderful sitters! We received many lovely photos and updates – they even gave our lovely boy Noodles some grooming! Ryan was fantastic at making sure the vet had access to our cat Fig, and left the house spotless. Would highly recommend Ryan as your next sitter!

  • Image contains a photo of a black cat sitting in the sunshine on a staircase.


    Toronto, Canada

    Ryan and Rachel were absolutely amazing to have sit for us, and they left the house so clean and spotlessly tidy even the cupboards smelt lemony fresh. Cloud clearly missed them when they left, and the cute photos Rachel sent throughout the stay were amazing. Would have them back any time.